The Sonoma Speaker Series brings to the Sonoma Valley major thinkers & players in the world of politics, art, celebrity, sports, science and inspiration.





“I had a wonderful experience in Sonoma - Kathy did a great job putting together the event and the crowd was terrific.”

- Andrew Yang

“I had the best experience as a speaker for the Sonoma Speaker Series.  Everyone who showed up was amazing, and I had the best time being able to share a little bit of my story.  I’d recommend it to anyone who is thinking about coming out and joining!”

- Fred Warner, San Francisco 49ers Team Captain and Linebacker.  

“Among the speakers series where I’ve appeared, my experience with the Sonoma Speakers Series rates at the top. The interviewer was super-experienced and well-prepared, the audience’s questions were thoughtful, and Sonoma‘s surroundings for those who love wine, redwoods, history, or beauty are unsurpassable.”

- Jared Diamond, author of Guns, Germs and Steel. Pulitzer Prize, 1998. National Medal of Science, 2000.

"The Sonoma Speaker Series was a wonderful experience.  I enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many interesting individuals, and it was stimulating to interact with such an informed and engaged audience.  I loved Sonoma, your platform, and all the folks I met.  Would love to cross paths again."  
- Marie Yovanovitch, former Ambassador to Ukraine, author of Lessons from the Edge.

"The Sonoma Speaker Series is a speaker’s dream — well-run, thoughtfully organized and moderated, with an audience full of inquisitive brainiacs. I’ll come back anytime!"

- Kevin Roose, Award-winning technology columnist for The New York Times and bestselling author.

"Thanks so much for the opportunity to share in the important conversation about gun violence. The audience was engaging, inquisitive, and generous. I particularly enjoyed the 1-on-1 time with so many at the VIP Reception. Call me anytime you want me back, and I'll be on a plane from D.C.!"

- Katherine Schweit, FBI Special Agent, Expert on Mass Shootings
"I want to thank everyone at Sonoma Speaker Series. My son, Nic, and I have spoken at speaker forums
throughout the country, but this one was different...and very special. We met so many extraordinary people. It was an amazing event, and we were honored to be a part of it."
- David Sheff I Author & Subject of the Movie, Beautiful Boy

"Wow! I had such a blast as a presenter for the Sonoma Speakers Series. The audience was intelligent and inquisitive. The hosts were fantastic, the location beautiful. What a wonderful experience!"

Randy Thom | Director of Sound Design, Skywalker Sound

"The Sonoma Speaker Series has been a wonderful addition to the cultural fabric of our community.  The variety and stature of the speakers has been remarkable and the setting is intimate enough that you really feel you’ve had a personal experience with the speaker."
- Steve Page | Former President, Sonoma Raceway

“I'd never heard of the Sonoma Speakers Series until I was invited, but it was well worth the trip. I found a warm, engaged audience with lots of smart questions. And, of course, the wine was splendid.”     

Bill Keller | Former Editor, NY Times

"Thought you did a great job with the Speakers Series. We really enjoyed the discussion, and the format was terrific. Congrats!"

Jeni Nichols

Have now attended several of the lectures.  They keep getting better!  Every one has been excellent. Kudos to all involved who have brought these wonderful, enlightening programs to Sonoma Valley. - Karen Collins

Great evening last night! Loved it. Great job!!!  Can’t wait for the next one!

Karen Rathman

I just wanted to tell you how much John and I enjoyed last night’s first of many speakers.  Given the general tenor of this election, it was refreshing to be able to laugh a bit, and hear their respective take on the election.  The series is a welcome addition to Sonoma — and I am grateful not to have to drive to Marin!!!

Sydney Randazzo

Was a wonderful event….kudos to all!

Lee Morgan Brown

Smart, entertaining, and close-by……spells success!  We enjoyed the conversation/debate last night by two veteran political reporters who demonstrated thoughtful and wise assessment of the current shit show which is our 2016 election cycle. Congrats on your new gig. We will all benefit!

Patsy Benziger-Wallace

You hit one outta the ball park last night!  Congratulations!  You under-charged….

Squire Fridell

You are launched!  Last night was really fabulous.   Cherie Hughes

Congrats on a winner!  Great evening, great speakers, all around congratulations.  What a welcome addition to Sonoma.

Please let me know if you need some wine for the next or future in the series.  Happy to contribute.

Again, great job to you and your colleagues!

Susan Idell

Ginny and I wanted you to know how much we enjoyed hearing Randy Thom. I wasn’t quite sure how interesting the subject was going to be, but he made it fascinating. Very nicely done.

David Freeman

Thanks very much for the invitation to the Randy Thom event.  It was really great.

John MacConaghy

Wow! We could not make the first talk, but we really enjoyed last night. Very well done! Thanks for adding another dimension to Sonoma.

Roger Wright

What a compelling speaker! I have felt such a need for this kind of thing in Napa/Sonoma, so THANK YOU for starting such an inspiring lecture series. I know the community appreciates it, too!

Eugenia Ballve

That was an A+ event. I liked every minute of it, and really enjoyed the speaker. Good show indeed!

Jim Goodwin

“It was a simply fabulous evening. Thanks much - it was outstanding.”

Kathleen Hill

Extraordinary, exceptional, mesmerizing, thrilling. Thank you so much.

Linda Kuhns

Holly and I have found the Speaker Series to be informative, inspirational, amusing and at times, jaw-dropping. The range of topics and speakers has been spot-on with every session, and it’s all happening in the very cool town of Sonoma!  Haven’t missed one yet and will continue supporting the Sonoma Speaker Series.  


Steve Kyle

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the event this week. Thanks for all you do in the world, and for treating me so hospitably on my visit. Great people, great venue, great energy, great event, all-around.

Dan Pallotta, Speaker, Author, Humanitarian Activist, Builder of Movements

ONE MORE TRIUMPH!!  Congratulations!

Suzanne Berube

The Sonoma Speaker Series is one of the best events in Sonoma Valley. It is well organized, affordable, and attracts the most interesting speakers.

Wanda McAleese 

“It is the province of knowledge to speak and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

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